Strain reviews

Most patients have very little information regarding specific strains and there uses.  That is why I STRONGLY suggest doing strain reviews.

Go to your local MMJ dispensary website & see what they have in stock.  Then go to one of these sites…

(There are more websites out there).

Type in the strain names in the search engine & it will pull up a reviews.

This will tell you how & what this strain is good for, & possible side effects.

Many people have adverse reactions to medication, Cannabis is no exception.  Just because a specific strain works for one person, DOES NOT mean it will work for you.  Remember, NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BODY LIKE YOU DO!!!

Get a few grams of each strain that you think might be helpful for your ailment.  Test them before buying an oz, only to find out that it does nothing for you!!!

I would also recommend to new patients that starting out at low dose of THC.  Your body builds a “tolerance” to foreign substances.  With Cannabis, once you have moved up to the higher concentrates, eventually it won’t have the same effect any more.

We want to prolong this as long as possible!!!

The whole object here, is to treat ailments effectively!!!


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