Law Enforcement

Dealing with the police.

The number 1 rule… STFU!!!

STFU = Shut the F up!!!

The more you say, the more that can, & WILL be used against you!!!

When being pulled over…

Unless you are being pursued by an unmarked car, pull over to the right shoulder asap.  Try to get off the road as far as possible for your safety & the officers.

Crack your window about one inch, just enough to get your information through the crack.  The officer WILL ask you to roll your window down.  DON’T!!!  The correct response… I can here you Sir/Ma’am.  Stay calm & be polite.

(If being pursued by an unmarked car, turn on your hazard lights & immediately call 911.  Tell them that you are being pursued by this vehicle & you want verification that this is indeed the police.  Describe the vehicle in as much detail as possible & give them your location. The dispatcher will inform the officer & tell you what to do.)

Provide your license, registration, & proof of insurance.  You don’t need to say anything else!!!  You are NOT required to answer any questions!!!  If they ask to search the vehicle, the answer is HELL NO!!!  Regardless, if you have something in the car or not!!! (Record all police interactions if possible).  THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL!!!  I’m sure that the officer will try to tell you otherwise, however, that is a lie!!!

Police are trained to “pull one over on you”.  FACT!!!   The goal of the law enforcement agencies is to generate income for the state in which they operate.  (As if we’re not taxed enough already).

If you are asked to “step out of the vehicle”, lock the doors behind you!!!

Follow the officers “commands” & STAY CALM!!!  The more you get worked up, the more likely you are to get arrested, beaten, & tased.


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